Finish the Sentence

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1. I’ve come to realize that my last kiss was: too long ago.

2. I am listening to: small birds chirping, and the wind through the trees.

3. I talk: to myself.

4. I love: finding new things to read.

5. My friends: are my family.

6. My Car is: too cute!

7. My love life: is where I want it to be.

8. I hate it when people ask: questions when they don’t want the answers.

9. Love is: is a good comic strip.

10. Marriage is: what you make of it.

11. Somewhere, someone is thinking: about you in a tinfoil swimsuit.

12. I’m always: ready to try something new.

13. I have a secret crush on: If I told you, it wouldn’t be secret.

15. My cell phone: can beat up your cell phone.

16. When I wake up in the morning: I make my plan for the day.

17. Before I go to bed I: play a few games of Sudoku.

18. Right now I am thinking about: getting ready for my trip to Houston.

19. Babies are: the future.

20. I get on myspace: when I get an email that says I have a new message/comment.

21. Today I: have to fix my computer.

22. Tonight I will: curl with a new book.

23. Tomorrow I will: see what the future holds.

24. I really want to: find some clarity.

School’s Out for the Summer!

by Jaxia @ 3:37 pm on May 7, 2007.

Guess which nursing school student made a 99.6 in clinicals, a 99.1 in skills lab and an 85 in lecture? Yes, yes … the grade whore in me is very distraught over the B, but the realist in me is still doing the happy dance. Our class lost about 1/3 of the nursing students who were admitted at the beginning of the semester. I’m just so thankful that I made it through!


Comic Book Dreams

by Jaxia @ 7:19 am on .

I had a very intriguing conversation about comic books which led me to question my lack of interest in them. I finally decided it must be because of my dreams.

I dream in storyboards. The scenes are sketched out, with just a hint of color shaded here and there. I can actually see the pencil/chalk lines (I guess my inner artist fancies pen & ink over paints). Occasionally, there will be a word or two on the page, usually to add emphasis. Overall, they remind me of architectural proposals or movie staging. Since I do the same thing to everything I read, the images in the comic book conflict with my own visuals. It’s like falling in love with a character in a book, and then totally hating the actor picked to play him in a movie because that’s not how you pictured him.

What about you? How do you dream? Do you dream in color? Does it look like a live action movie? Are you a participant, or a passive observer? Are people speaking your “first” or “primary” language? Does anyone else dream in storyboards? If so, how do you feel about comics?


by Jaxia @ 10:56 am on May 6, 2007.

David Anders, Taye Diggs and Amy Brenneman all in one episode of Grey’s Anatomy?! I think my fan girl crush-o-meter might be experiencing a serious meltdown.

P.S. — This is me trying to avoid studying for my nursing lecture final that I must take tomorrow at 8a.

Herbie The Lovebug

by Jaxia @ 8:41 am on April 24, 2007.


While it may not sound like much to some of you, my weekend was packed! On Friday, I met up with a friend from college (yes, from the first time I tried that whole education thing) who I last saw over 10 years ago. She was in town to celebrate the birthday of a friend, and they were kind enough to let me tag along. I had a good time — I got to catch up a bit with my friend, meet some new people AND I learned how to make sangria at home. Can’t beat that 

On Saturday, SK and I took Toby to spend the night at the lake house. Since the drive is through hill country, I was looking forward to seeing the wild flowers in bloom. The sky was overcast for most of the weekend, but because of all the rain we’ve had recently, everything was green and in full bloom. Springtime is a wonderful time to drive around Texas. I guess we weren’t the only ones to think so — at one point, we stumbled across what seemed to be a VW convention! There were Volkswagons all over the place! SK even pointed out one that was painted like Herbie the Lovebug. I didn’t realize there were so many different kinds of VWs out there.


After we made it home yesterday, I did some studying, and then had dinner with Jac. I’m trying to be good this week and get in a lot of studying. I have a test on Friday, and my final is coming up soon! My first nursing major careplan is due this week, and I’m a bit nervous about it. We did get some feedback on our mini care plans, but there’s such a big difference between a major careplan and a mini careplan. This major careplan counts for 20% of my grade in my clinical class. 30% comes from the various skill checkoffs, and the last 50% is the subjective evaluation by our clinical instructor. I sure hope she’s in a good mood when she does mine! I wonder if she likes chocolate chip cookies?

Welcome, Noob!

by Jaxia @ 10:12 pm on April 23, 2007.

I’ve been piddling around Kingdom of Loathing (KoL) for awhile now. It doesn’t fill the void created when I left World of Warcraft, Dark Ages of Camelot or Everquest, but it does have benefits:

– It’s free
– It’s browser-based
– There isn’t much downtime (usually around 30 mins at 9:30p or 10:30p, depending on daylight savings)
– It can take as much time, or as little time as I have to put into it at any given moment

I have two characters — one hardcore and one softcore. My current KoL Hardcore skillset:

Empathy of the Newt
Double-Fisted Skull Smashing
Advanced Saucecrafting
Amphibian Sympathy
Ambidextrous Funkslinging
Summon Snowcone
Summon Hilarious Objects

I’m currently doing a seal clubber run. Here are my skill goals over my next few hardcore runs:

Seal Clubber – Eye Of The Stoat
Seal Clubber – Lunging Thrust-Smack
Pastamancer – Leash of Linguini

My order is a bit messed up because I thought I already had the familiar boosting skills. I think I’ll probably use the LTS-Synergy skillset, but I’m still undecided. Since I don’t spend too much time playing, it seems like a good option.

If you haven’t tried KoL, and you’re looking for something new, it is worth a shot. Let me know what you think!

Movie Meme

by Jaxia @ 5:40 pm on April 17, 2007.

from the lovely Kemidra

1. Name a movie that you have seen more than 10 times.
The Neverending Story

2. Name a movie that you’ve seen multiple times in the theater.
the first Harry Potter movie

3. Name an actor that would make you more inclined to see a movie.
Densel Washington

4. Name an actor that would make you less likely to see a movie.
William H. Macy

5. Name a movie that you can quote from.
The Princess Bride

6. Name a movie musical that you know all the lyrics to all the songs.
The Sound of Music

7. Name a movie that you have been known to sing along with.
City of Angels, The Bodyguard

8. Name a movie that you would recommend everyone see.
American History X — powerful message

9. Name a movie that you own.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

10. Name an actor that launched his/her entertainment career in another medium but who has surprised you with his/her acting chops.
I’m going with Kemidra on this one — Jim Carrey

11. Have you ever seen a movie in a drive-in? If so, what?
Yes. Dr. Dolittle

12. Ever made out in a movie?

13. Name a movie that you keep meaning to see but just haven’t gotten around to it.
Star Wars

14. Ever walked out of a movie?
Yes — Fargo

15. Name a movie that made you cry in the theater.
The last one was We Are Marshall

16. Popcorn?
Eww. No. But I love movie hot dogs with mustard, relish and jalapeños.

17. How often do you go to the movies
Maybe once every couple of months

18. What’s the last movie you saw in the theater?
I think it was We Are Marshall

19. What’s your favorite/preferred genre of movie?

20. What’s the first movie you remember seeing in the theater?
Ghost Dad

21. What movie do you wish you had never seen?
Monty Python

22. What is the scariest movie you’ve seen?
I don’t like scary movies.

24. What is the funniest movie you’ve seen?
Probably Dogma

Gravatar or MyBlogLog Images

by Jaxia @ 8:15 pm on April 16, 2007.

I finally signed up at MyBlogLog and set up my sites. Now I just need to decide if I want to put the “Recent Readers” bar on my site. Since a lot of people who read my blog are real life friends, I’m not sure that adding the “Recent Readers” bar would add any value to my site. (Do any of you have a MyBlogLog account?) But, I like gadgets, so I’ll probably install it, at least for a bit, the next time I’m messing around with my blog template.

While I was reading about MyBlogLog, I came across a tutorial from Stark over at FuzzyFuture about adding MyBlogLog images to comments for WordPress blogs.

I briefly toyed with the idea, but decided against it in the end. Gravatar offers more flexibility and are easy to implement. They also offer the commenter a greater incentive to leave a comment on my site. If the reader has to use the URL field to specify their MyBlogLog account, then they don’t have the opportunity to gain a link to their blog. While some may feel that the link to MyBlogLog can lead people to their blog, I’ve discovered that a shorter path is a better path. Our attention span is just too short to force people through a maze to finally find our home page.

Also, as someone who writes on multiple blogs, it is important to have flexibility. When I am surfing poker blogs, and want to comment, I want to have the ability to send people to my poker blog. If the blog falls under any other category, then I point to this, my personal blog.

In the end, it’s about preference. As a Gemini, I like having choices! But, for me, the choice remains Gravatar for individual images associated with comments.

**Update** Doh. I didn’t realize how it really worked. I thought I had to enter the url to my member profile instead of just putting the URL that I registered on the site. Hmm. It’s more compelling now, but I’m still interested to see how many people have Gravatar accounts compared to MyBlogLog accounts.

Nintendo Thumb

by Jaxia @ 6:23 pm on April 9, 2007.

Pointless Things to Ponder:

Do they call it Wii wrist these days?

Easter Dress

by Jaxia @ 12:36 am on .


We had our last checkoff of the first semester of nursing school today — inserting a Foley catheter. After next week, we are done with our lab class. The nice part is that we’ll have two weeks after the end of clinicals to concentrate on lecture. I don’t know about other nursing programs, but our lecture class is killing us! It seems like every time we get together, we’ve lost a few more people. It’s scary to see that happening to people I thought would make decent nurses. Just shows that I shouldn’t be the one judging 

And, I have a decision to make. The campus I’m attending now is my second choice campus. I was told that if I asked for a change to my first choice campus for the second semester, I’d probably get it. But, I’m not so sure I want it now. Since I’ve already established friendships with some of my fellow nursing students, and I know that I have people I can count on if I need a helping hand. I’m sure I’ll meet new people, but will it be the same? However, the other campus is closer to home and has free parking. The clinical sites should be closer, too, which will be really handy when it’s time to start job hunting. Ah, decisions!

Easter weekend was really nice. We went to Florida to visit SK’s nieces and nephew (and their parents happened to be around, too!). I know you may not believe it, but I actually wore a dress to church.

Are you done laughing? :p